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Анатолий МАЛКИН
documentary, TV

Erik Bulatov. I Live and I See

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Эрик Булатов. Живу и вижу


 Erik Boulatov. Je vis et je vois

 Erik Bulatov. Zhivu i vizhu

Directed by : Anatoli MALKINE (Анатолий МАЛКИН)
Writing credits : Anatoli MALKINE (Анатолий МАЛКИН)
Produced by : Anatoli MALKINE (Анатолий МАЛКИН)
Production : Авторское телевидение / Télévision d'auteur

Plot synopsis
In the film “I Live and I See” Anatoly Malkin will spend a few days in conversations with Erik Bulatov in his Moscow and Paris working studios, and at Center for Contemporary Art George Pompidou. Since 1992, Erik Bulatov lives in Paris, yet he often returns to Moscow to work, travel around Russian province and meet with friends, thus reconnecting the two worlds. Bulatov is considered one of the most highly rated artists of our time.

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«Эрик Булатов. Живу и вижу». Документальный фильм

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