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Russia, 1913, 90 mn 
Black and white, silent, documentary

The Life of the Jews in Palestine

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Жизнь Евреев в Палестине


 La Vie des Juifs en Palestine

 Zhizn Evreev v Palestine

Directed by : (Noah ?) SOKOLOVSKY ((Ноах ?) СОКОЛОВСКИЙ)
Cinematography : Miron GROSSMAN (Мирон ГРОССМАН)
Produced by : (Noah ?) SOKOLOVSKY ((Ноах ?) СОКОЛОВСКИЙ)
Production : Mirograf (Odessa) et Mizrah (I. Diesengof, Odessa)
Release date in Russia : 12/09/1913

Plot synopsis
A travelogue tour of 1913 Ottoman Palestine, as it was then called, intended to bolster the fledgling Jewish settlements there. The Russian film crew, led by Zionist Noah Sokolovsky, travels from Odessa to Tel Aviv. Upon arrival, the group visits Jerusalem, smaller cities and the rural colonies, capturing newly built Jewish settlements, agrarian communes and the surrounding landscape.
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