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Russia, 2012, 73 mn 
Colour, fiction


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Directed by : Arseni GONCHUKOV (Арсений ГОНЧУКОВ)
Writing credits : Arseni GONCHUKOV (Арсений ГОНЧУКОВ)
Robert VAAB (Роберт ВААБ) ...Baranov
Aleksandr SUKHININ (Александр СУХИНИН) ...Ilich
Viktor NEMETS (Виктор НЕМЕЦ) ...Yushka
Artiom KOBZEV (Артем КОБЗЕВ) ...Sanka le Tchétchène
Aleksandra PECHKINA (Александра ПЕЧКИНА)
Cinematography : Konstantin RASSOLOV (Константин РАССОЛОВ)
Production design : Yekaterina LAPYNINA (Екатерина ЛАПЫНИНА), Aleksandra PECHKINA (Александра ПЕЧКИНА)
Release date in Russia : 12/10/2012

Plot synopsis
The movie is based on a true story about an ordinary man who wanted justice from the state he lived in. Nikolay Baranov, a veteran of the nearly forgotten Afghan War, demands the extra benefit to his pension, which he is entitled to. The sum in question is one thousand two hundred and ten rubles. But the benefit was cancelled. Former troop commander learns the news the day of the anniversary of his son’s death. One thousand two hundred and ten rubles closes the chain of bitter events. Injured dignity, sense of guilt and black despair push him towards a terrible act. The act which can only be accounted for by madness and despair. But this is a good question – is it he who is insane in this “rational” world or has the “rational” world gone mad with indifference?

Selected in the following festivals :
- International debut film festival, Khanty Mansiysk (Russia), 2013
- Festival of Festivals, St Petersburg (Russia), 2013
- International Film Festival Tarkovski, Ivanovo (Russia), 2013

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