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Djamshed USMONOV
Djamshed USMONOV

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 The Flight Of The Bee

 Le Vol d’une abeille

Режиссёр(ы) : Джамшед УСМОНОВ (Djamshed USMONOV)

Аннотации на русском языке нет.

Jamshed Usmonov and Byong Hun-min's fable of the new Tadjikistan is the story of a headmaster in a village school, a gentle Muslim man with a wife and child, who wants to be left alone to finish writing his book. A wealthy, insensitive businessman moves in next door and puts his toilet right next to the headmaster's property. With the collapse of the Soviet Union comes the collapse of ancient values, mutual respect and legality. When he comes to inquire about a solution, the businessman throws him out, and the mayor talks law and order. In retaliation, the headmaster buys another house next door to the mayor's office and digs a public toilet. A simple, beautifully observed portrait of a village community, as well as a chillingly lifelike demonstration of mercenary capitalism run amok.
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