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Владлен БАРБЭ
Vladlen BARBE
Vladlen BARBE
Россия, 2010  
Цветной, анимационный

Последний человек из Атлантиды

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Posledniy chelovek iz Atlandy


 The Last Human from Atlantis

 Le Dernier homme de l'Atlantide

Режиссёр(ы) : Владлен БАРБЭ (Vladlen BARBE)
Сценарист(ы) : Александр АТАНЕСЯН (Alexander ATANESIAN), Владлен БАРБЭ (Vladlen BARBE)
Производство : Angel Anima, Perspectiva, Classika, 3kitestudio, 3kitestudio animation

Аннотации на русском языке нет.

The idea for the feature animation project The Last Human From The Atlantis, inspired by the 1961 Soviet hitmovie Amphibian Man aswell as by the novels of the sci-fi writer Aleksandr Belyaev, came to Atanesyan a long time ago, but has only now been realised thanks to the involvement of American partners with this project. This is the story of Ikhtiandr, one of the noblest representatives of Atlantis, who receives the gift of immortality on the eve of the destruction of the great civilisation and is found thousands of years later by the scientist Brent. Ikhtiandr falls in love with the beautiful Guttiere and renounces his immortality in exchange for life as a mortal human being. The screenplay of this animation has been altered in accordance with recommendations byWestern distributors, who have shown an interest in this project at an intial stage. Meanwhile, no contract has been signed, for which reason the name of the studio may not be divulged. The technical aspects of the animation have been implemented in conformity with the latest developments in 3D.

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