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Alexandre SOKUROV
Александр СОКУРОВ
Alexandre SOKOUROV
Russia, 1998, 180 mn 
Colour, documentary

The Dialogues with Solzhenitsyn

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Беседы с Солженицыным. Узел.


 Entretiens avec Soljenitsyne

 Besedy s Solzhenitsynym. Uzel

Directed by : Alexandre SOKUROV ( Александр СОКУРОВ)
Writing credits : Alexandre SOKUROV ( Александр СОКУРОВ)
Alexandre SOKUROV ( Александр СОКУРОВ)
Cinematography : Aleksandr DEGTYAREV (Александр ДЕГТЯРЕВ), Aleksey FEDOROV (Алексей ФЕДОРОВ)
Sound : Sergey MOSHKOV (Сергей МОШКОВ)
Produced by : Svetlana VOLOSHINA (Светлана ВОЛОШИНА)
Production : Lenfilm
Language : russe
Format : Video
Site :

DVD with subtitles
Editeur : Ideale Audience. 2007.
Langues : RU, Sous-titres : FR EN
Bonus : Livret de 8 pages avec un essai inédit de Claude Durand, photos et notes biographiques.

Plot synopsis
The film includes shots of Solzhenitsyn's monologues and his dialogues with Sokurov about Russian literature and language, about folklore and sense of creative work, about history and modern times. Some of the writer's statements, polemic and non–trivial, are themselves documents of Russian culture.
The filmmaker here is not a commentator but a medium of the society's certain need in a dialogue with a man of authoritative word and selfless destiny.
Alexandra Tuchinskaya English translation by Anna Shoulgat, © 2002.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Month of the documentary in France, Different cities (France), 2010
- International Documentary Film Festival : Cinéma du réel, Paris (France), 2009

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