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Titles and names in bold print contain more complete information
Aleksey KARAEV
Алексей КАРАЕВ
Alekseï KARAEV
USSR, 1988, 9.29 mn 
Colour, animation

The Lodgers of the Old House

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Жильцы старого дома


 Habitants de la vieille maison

 Zhiltsy starogo doma

Directed by : Aleksey KARAEV (Алексей КАРАЕВ)
Writing credits : Aleksey KARAEV (Алексей КАРАЕВ)
Cinematography : Nikolay GRIBKOV (Николай ГРИБКОВ), Sergey RESHETNIKOV (Сергей РЕШЕТНИКОВ)
Production design : Valentin OLSHVANG (Валентин ОЛЬШВАНГ)
Sound : Nadezhda SHESTAKOVA (Надежда ШЕСТАКОВА)
Production : Sverdlovsk Studio

Plot synopsis
The film shows the inhabitants of an old house living together : an old man, a dog, a cat, a rooster, frogs...

Commentaries and bibliography
Karaev's ten-minute animated short moves along at its own leisurely pace, one that invokes the peacefulness and serenity of one's own childhood days – it's often the quiet and contemplative moments that one recalls most fondly years down the track. In the absence of spoken words, sound effects are used to marvellous effect, and sound operator Nadezhda Shestakova, in a manner similar to that employed in Norshteyn's 'Tale of Tales (1979),' often utilises surreal background noise – a passing train, a marching band, a baby crying – to establish the unearthly ambiance of the animated sequences. The only music comes from an early music-box, playing a haunting melody that effectively lulls you into a serene state of relaxation, the faraway chimes of a tune we vaguely recall from our younger years. The intriguing, bittersweet ending also suggests the dreamlike fantasy-world into which a child might retreat when the chill of winter prevents his playing outside. After all, in our hearts and imaginations, it is always a pleasant and warm summer day.
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Selected in the following festivals :
- "NIKA" Prizes, Moscow (Russia), 1988

Photos and videos

Russian animation: The Lodgers of an Old House... par Niffiwan

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