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The BFI companion to Eastern European and Russian cinema

Author : Richard TAYLOR


Edition : British Film Institute, 2000
288 pages

Langue : English

Site de présentation :

Period : 1900 - 2000

The BFI "Companion to Eastern European and Russian Cinema" is an invaluable map to the rich and varied cinema of Eastern Europe, Russia, and the former U.S.S.R. Over two hundred entries cover a variety of topics spanning a whole century of varied endeavor and turbulent history from Czech animation to Soviet montage, from the silent cinemas dating back to World War I through to the varied responses to the conflicts in the former Yugoslavia. The recent work includes entries on actors and actresses, film festivals, studios, genres, directors, film movements, critics, producers, and technicians, taking the coverage up to the late 1990s.
In addition to the wealth of historical material on key figures like Eisenstein and Wadja, the editors provide separate accounts of the trajectory of the cinemas of Eastern Europe and of Russia in the wake of the collapse of communism.

Subjects : cinema history,

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