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Stalinism and Soviet Cinema

Author : Richard TAYLOR


Edition : Routledge, 1993
ISBN 0415072859, 9780415072854
277 pages

Langue : English

Site / Google :

Period : 1924 - 1953

Stalinism and Soviet Cinemamarks the first attempt to confront systematically the role and influence of Stalin and Stalinism in the history and development of Soviet cinema. The collection provides comprehensive coverage of the antecedents, role and consequences of Stalinism and Soviet cinema, how Stalinism emerged, what the relationship was between the political leadership, the cinema administrators, the film-makers and their films and audiences, and how Soviet cinema is coming to terms with the disintegration of established structures and mythologies. Contributors from Britain, America and the Soviet Union address themselves to the importance of the Stalinist legacy, not only to the history of Soviet cinema but to Soviet history as a whole.

Subjects : censorship, cinema history, Stalin,

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