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Russia on reels: the Russian idea in post-Soviet cinema

Author : Birgit BEUMERS


Edition : I.B.Tauris, 1999
ISBN 1860643906, 9781860643903
219 pages

Langue : English

Site / Google :

Period : 1990 - 1998

This is the first book to deal exclusively with Russian cinema of the 1990s. It introduces readers to the currents and common interests of contemporary Russian cinema, offers close studies of the work of filmmakers like Sokurov, Muratova and Astrakhan, reviews the Russian film industry in a period of massive economic transformation, and assesses cinema’s function as a definer of Russia’s new identity.

"To Moscow! To Moscow? The Russian Hero and the Loss of the Center." p. 76-87
"No Glory, No Majesty, or Honour: The Russian Idea and Inverse Value." p. 25-33
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"New Versions of Old Classics: Recent Cinematic Interpretations of Russian Literature." p.114-124
Kovalov, Oleg. "The Russian Idea: Synopsis for a Screenplay." p. 12-21
Taylor, Richard. "Now that the Party's Over: Soviet Cinema and Its Legacy." p. 34-42
Tsyrkun, Nina. "Tinkling Symbols: Fragmented Society--Fragmented Cinema?" p. 57-65
Widdis, Emma. "Viewed From Below: Subverting the Myths of the Soviet Landscape." p.66-75 Mikhalkov, Nikita. "Russian Cinema--National Cinema? Three Views: 'The Function of a National Cinema' (May 1998).p.50-52
Moskvina, Tatiana. "La Grande Illusion." p.91-104
Zhuravkina, Natasha. "Fathers for the Fatherland: The Cult of the Leader in Russian Cinema." p. 105-113

Subjects : cinema history,

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