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Cinepaternity : fathers and sons in Soviet and post-Soviet film

Author : Yana HASHAMOVA , Helena GOSCILO


Edition : Indiana University Press, 2010
ISBN 0253221870, 9780253221872
331 pages

Langue : English

Site de présentation :

Period : 1953 - 2010

This wide-ranging collection investigates the father/son dynamic in post-Stalinist Soviet cinema and its Russian successor. Contributors analyze complex patterns of identification, disavowal, and displacement in films by such diverse directors as Khutsiev, Motyl', Tarkovsky, Balabanov, Sokurov, Todorovskii, Mashkov, and Bekmambetov. Several chapters focus on the difficulties of fulfilling the paternal function, while others show how vertical and horizontal male bonds repeatedly strain under the pressure of redefining an embattled masculinity in a shifting political landscape.

Subjects : fathers and sons,

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