12e Festival indépendant du film de Rome : RIFF
Rome (Italie) - 03 Avril 2013 - 11 Avril 2013
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Films russes
 Détails insignifiants d'un hasard
Détails insignifiants d'un hasard, 2011

(Незначительные подробности случайного эпизода)



Autres films
- Alienation, Aleksey Berdennikov, Russia, 2013, short film, 12 min
As a rule we don't often think that any problems that exist between the partners especially in the field of real thoughts and feelings may lead to the specific world created by our consciousness. Each person has his or her 'box' formed by the variety of our feelings,sufferings,emotions and experience. The main heroine, found herself in such a world, don't want leave her 'box' where she is happy, living in the power of her own conception about the world surrounding her. She does not want to accept the real world around her and she is satisfied by the fact. The plot of the film may become the topic of reflection for the spectators. Each person will understand the problem in his own way and may find his own answers to the eternal questions of people's relations. Can a person be happy isolated from the outer world? Is he waiting for the help and does he need it? Will the traveling along the winding path of his own thought and feelings be thrilling and can it be dangerous?

- Alhimia – Thiness, Stepan GRUSHA, Russia, 2012, HD, Color, 2'48", short fil
The young singer faints at a concert. The doctor hardly rescues it. But we see it in reverse order.