11st Open St.Petersburg Student Film Festival Beginning
St Petersburg (Russia) - 21 September 2012 - 27 September 2012
2012 2011 2010
Russian films
Feature Film Competition
F5, 2012


(Тимофей ЖАЛНИН)


Documentary Competition
Bronsky, 2012


Konstantin SELIN
(Константин СЕЛИН)

Konstantin SELIN
This Summer
This Summer, 2011

(Этим летом)

(Сергей ТУРУЛИН)


Animation Film Competition
My Strange Grand-Father
My Strange Grand-Father, 2011

(Мой странный дедушка)


Pishto Leaves / Pishto Goes Away
Pishto Leaves / Pishto Goes Away, 2011

(Пишто уезжает)


The Last Sip
The Last Sip, 2011

(Последний глоток)



Other films
Full list of selected films 2012

Main Competition

Fiction Films

Another Game by Jean Guillaume Sonnier
Based on а True Story by Kerem Keskin
Don Sabas by Juan Manuel Zuniga
F5 by Timofei Zhalnin
Grand Hotel Italia by Rodi Cotenescu
Heisenberg’s Uncertainty by Richard Gerard
Hello Kitty by Millo Simulov
In the Countryside by Dennis Schanz
Jericho Tobacco by Alon Kiczales & Mor Tsafrir
Juku by Mauricio Quiroga Russo
Like Smoke by Himmat Sarkaria
My Bow Breathing by Enrico Maria Artale
Numbers by Robert Hloz
Pelleas & Melisande by Elina Oikari, Lauri Danska
Pyskessa by Kirran Bruce
Restless by Jakob Schmidt
Shoot for the Moon by Casandra Macias Gago
The Cane by Ruslan Batytsky
The Day when Rainer’s Son Drowned by Aurelien Vernhes-Lermusiaux
The Favourite Thing by Piotr Iskra
The New World by Irina Obidova
The Proprietor by Hu Wei
The Road by Lukasz Debski
The Swing of the Coffin Maker by Elmar Imanov
White Square by Ivan Pavlyuchkov

Documentary Films :
Among People by Aleksandra Orekhova
Broken Border by Keywan Karimi
Bronsky by Konstantin Selin
From the Life of Scarecrows by Grzegorz Debowski
Further Research is Needed by Andran Abramjan
Mothers by Elina Hyvarinen
Moving House by Daniel Kvitko
My Corner of This Great World by Khane Poghosyan
Odysseus’ Gambit by Alex Lora
This Summer by Sergey Turulin
Trip to the Red Planet by Sanchez Alonso
Vernissage by Albert Sargsyan
We Die by Josephine Links
Without Water by Ivan Kurakevich

Animation Films :
Brumlik and Animuk by Jan Bohuslav
Carn by Jeffig Le Bars
Discarded by Elodie D’Ambrosio
Gap by Viktor Stickel
Grandmothers by Afarin Eghbal
Head over Heels by Timothy Reckart
ik by Janneke van den Biggelaar
Little Tombstone by Frederic Azais, Theo di Malta, Benjamin Leymonerie, Andrien Quillet
Lumberjack by Pawel Debski
Monocyclic Flower by Takehisa Eiraku
Ms.Found in a Bottle by Florian Grolig
My Strange Grandfather by Dina Velikovskaya
On Track by Jeremy Guiter
Oops by Olga Mishina
Pishto Goes away by Sonya Kendel
Reality 2.0 by Victor Orozco Ramirez
Swarming by Joni Mannisto
Tears of a Clown by Claudio Sa
Terra Nullius by Martina Frajstakova
The Dark Side by Lilyana Stoyanova
The Designer by Tessa Moult-Milewska
The Last Gulp by Georgy Boguslavsky
The Legend of Mangup’s Son by Elizaveta Astretsova
The Reality Clock by Amanda Tasse
With you by Silvia Vladimirova
You Shall Not Leave the Way! by Veronika Szemlova

Special 5-minute Fiction Film Competition :
20twelve by Christian Stahl
A Conversation by Maciej Twardowski
A Woman by Adel Oberto
Ascoltami by Bianca Garimani
Behind the Wall by Irina Grishina
Detail by Piotr Sulkowski
Gusta by Lucia Gaborikova
Late by Olga Pavlova
Nazi Goreng by Nathan Nill
Night Bus by Benjamin Teske
Roman by Koen de Winnie & Michiel Knops
Salty Times by Stefan Eichenberger
The inviolability of the domicile is based on the man who appears wielding an axe at the door of his house by Alex Piperno
Tomo by Bakary Diallo
Us by Alex Lora
What it Seems by Jakob Schmidt

“CINE-PARALLEL” non-competition program :
1949 by Paul Florian Muller
41 days by Ahmed Abdelaziz
An Interrupted Story by Ania Hazel Leszczynska
Bodily Fluids by Dario Lonjak
Boo! by Kordian Kadziela
Edwins by Manoj Leonel
Fallen by Christoph Schuler
Five Steps of Butoh by Aleksandr Vinogradov
Home by Ruslan Magomadov
If I were Dead by Baptiste Debicki
In a Coconut Shell by Ida Knudsen
iNun by Maciej Bocianski
Kaiser Kanner Conductor by Viktor Portel
King of Belgians by Pierre Mazingarbe
Kruzhalo by Anna Artukhova
Lucid Dream by Julia Bui Ngoc
Made of Ashes by Ognjen Glavonic
Matteus by Leni Huyghe
Mistaken by Arsen Sarkisiants
Mother by Dmitry Surzhikov
Oblivion by Javier Valenzuela
Patience Salt by Mohammed Ebrahim
Qurban by Anar Abbasov
Rizwan, The Guardian of Paradise by Deepti Khurara
Spectacle Macabre by Kasia Wisniowska
Taste of Water by Dimitar Kutmanov
The Black Rose by Johann Dulat
The Brightest Star by Joana Santos & Andre Matos
The Zone by Lauri Randla
Whisper of Flowers by Lau Kek Huat

Best directing :

F5 (F5), 2012, by Timofei ZHALNIN (Тимофей ЖАЛНИН)

Best documentary :

Bronsky (Бронский), 2012, by Konstantin SELIN (Константин СЕЛИН)

Best Animation film :

My Strange Grand-Father (Мой странный дедушка), 2011, by Dina VELIKOVSKAYA (Дина ВЕЛИКОВСКАЯ)

Best Set Decoration :

F5 (F5), 2012, by Timofei ZHALNIN (Тимофей ЖАЛНИН)

Best actress :

Daria BARABANOVA for the film F5 (F5), 2012, by Timofei ZHALNIN (Тимофей ЖАЛНИН)

Irina TOLCHILSHCHIKOVA for the film F5 (F5), 2012, by Timofei ZHALNIN (Тимофей ЖАЛНИН)

Special Prize :

Pishto Leaves / Pishto Goes Away (Пишто уезжает), 2011, by Sonia KENDEL (Соня КЕНДЕЛЬ)

F5 (F5), 2012, by Timofei ZHALNIN (Тимофей ЖАЛНИН)