Svetlana BOKOVA
Светлана БОКОВА
Svetlana BOKOVA
Valery GAVEL
Валерий ГАВЕЛЬ
Valeri GAVEL
Russia, 2019, 104mn 
Today in the Murmansk direction
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Сегодня на Мурманском направлении


 Aujourd'hui en direction de Mourmansk

 Sevodnia na Murmanskom napravlenii

Directed by : Svetlana BOKOVA (Светлана БОКОВА), Valery GAVEL (Валерий ГАВЕЛЬ)
Writing credits : Svetlana BOKOVA (Светлана БОКОВА)
Cinematography : Valery GAVEL (Валерий ГАВЕЛЬ), Aleksandr ZNASKEVICH (Александр ЗНАСКЕВИЧ)
Produced by : Mikhail BRODER (Михаил БРОДЕР )
Production : Студия "Рек.А" / REC.A Studio Murmansk

Plot synopsis
In any story of war, there are global operations andthere are smaller, more local episodes that do not necessarily fit into the grand narrative. TODAY IN THE MURMANSK DIRECTION… is composed of seven stories that explore questions of particular interest in the context of the High North. For example, why were the supplies to the German troops at Zapadnaya Litza front paralyzed for 10 days in September 1941? What about the greatest tragedy in the Soviet sector of the Arctic - the destruction of BD-5 convoy in August 1944, or the story of clandestine operations of German mini-submarines in January 1945 against the Northern Fleet battleship Arkhangelsk. TODAY IN THE MURMANSK DIRECTION… is dedicated to the 75th anniversary of the end of the war in the Arctic, with particular attention to the Petsamo-Kirkenes operation.