Different Directors
Разные режиссёры
Différents réalisateurs
2018, 46mn 
Colour, animation
The Little Cloud Factory
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Маленькая облачная фабрика


 Petite fabrique de nuages

 Malenkaya oblachnaya fabrika

Directed by : Vladislav BAIRAMGULOV (Владислав БАЙРАМГУЛОВ), Different Directors ( Разные режиссёры)
Other persons :
Directors : Gildardo SANTOYO DEL CASTILLO, Mark C. SMITH, Ilenia COTARDO, Marco NICK
Site : Page Allociné
Release date in France : 2019-03-13, Site

Plot synopsis
From 3 years old
Seen from below or seen from above, the sky is always the scene of extraordinary shows. Whether you are a migratory bird, an explorer lemur, a star hunter or a small tortoise, there is always time to dream, head in the clouds!

Five poetic short films to set out to conquer the sky.

- WAVES IN THE SKY - Gildardo Santoyo Del Castillo (8'38)
In the sky, birds fly like dancers, in unison. One of them struggles to perform his aerobatic exercises. Fallen to the ground and rescued by a little music turtle, he discovers with her the pleasure of dancing! Will he ever want to fly with his family again?

- LITTLE FLAME - Vladislav Bayramgulov (8’09)
It's winter. A little boy warms himself by the fire when an icy breath extinguishes the embers! He goes out into the starry night looking for a small flame to light and warm his house. Frightened by the dark sky and forest, he is rescued by a young adventurer fox ...

- TWO BALLOONS - Mark C. Smith (9 ')
High up in the sky, two explorers go around the world in a balloon. After months of solo sailing, their two airships are about to cross paths. Will the adventurers succeed in meeting each other?

- LEMON AND SUREAU - Ilenia Cotardo (8’09)
Birds unable to fly? Never mind, they will just have to invent a flying machine! But before their machine is ready, our little engineers will do a lot of nonsense

- NIMBUS - Marco Nick (16’35)
In a distant country, in the heart of a forest, lives Nimbus, a cloud hunter. During the day, the little boy works hard to collect them. At night, aboard a small boat, he collects stars. But how can we make Nimbus understand that nature is not a treasure that we keep in a trunk or in cages?


Selected in the following festivals :
- Release in France of the film, Different cities (France), 2019-03-13

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