Russia, 2018, 85mn 
Rozovoe ili kolokolchik
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Розовое или колокольчик


 Le Rose ou la clochette

 Rozovoe ili kolokolchik

Directed by : Yuno SHAMILOV (Юно ШАМИЛОВ)
Release date in Russia : 30/01/2020
Sites : IMDb, Kino-teatr

Plot synopsis
The film tells the story of Angela, a talented cellist. Coming from Italy to Russia to escape her problems, she does not find rest here either. Boredom and the incomprehension of others torment her, and the inner fire of contradictions tears her apart. She has a difficult relationship with her father, yet she dreams of returning her love and attention to him. In her small orchestra she is loved and recognized, but no one supports or understands her impulses to bring something new, overcome the boring routine, and finally change the world with music. Achieving inner harmony for Angela, or as her name is Angie, is getting harder and harder every day. The world is full of cruelty, discord, and misunderstanding, and it is very difficult, almost impossible to find a place there for a bright and kind person who cannot feel lies and betrayal with a warm heart.

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