Russia, 2020, 108mn 
Deadly illusions
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Смертельные иллюзии


 Illusions mortelles

 Smertelnyye illyuzii

Directed by : Oleg ASADULIN (Олег АСАДУЛИН)
Release date in Russia : 19/11/2020
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Plot synopsis
The famous illusionists, the Romanov brothers, present their grandiose show to the public, in which they plan to reveal the secrets of the seven most dangerous tricks from the world of illusion. During the show with the aquarium, the brothers realize that “the show went wrong” - the assistant does not appear in the right place, and the voice of a mysterious organizer appears in the headphones, who becomes the guide of the whole show, changing the mechanisms of complex tricks. The Voice offers more and more inventive and spectacular, but more risky and life-threatening tricks. If the show does not continue, the "voice" will start killing one by one. Spectators will have to become witnesses and participants of a dangerous game, and the brothers will have to save their lives and the lives of their loved ones.

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