Russia, 2014  
fiction, TV serial
There once lived a simple woman
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Жила-была одна баба (мини–сериал 2014)


 Il était une fois une bonne femme (mini-série 2014)

 Zhila-byla odna baba (mini-serial 2014)

Directed by : Andrey SMIRNOV (Андрей СМИРНОВ)
Writing credits : Andrey SMIRNOV (Андрей СМИРНОВ)
Daria EKAMASOVA (Дарья ЕКАМАСОВА) ...Varvara
Vladislav ABASHIN (Владислав АБАШИН ) ...Ivan
Roman MADIANOV (Роман МАДЯНОВ) ...Baranchik
Yevdokiya GERMANOVA (Евдокия ГЕРМАНОВА) ...Feklusha
Nina RUSLANOVA (Нина РУСЛАНОВА) ...Kryachikha
Cinematography : Nikolay IVASIV (Николай ИВАСИВ), Yuri SHAIGARDANOV (Юрий ШАЙГАРДАНОВ)
Production design : Vladimir GUDILIN (Владимир ГУДИЛИН)
Produced by : Andrey SMIRNOV (Андрей СМИРНОВ)

Plot synopsis
A five-part television version of the 2011 TV movie of the same name.
The film tells about the dramatic fate of a Tambov peasant woman during the revolution and civil war. Through the prism of her life, the fate of the Russian village, embroiled in a peasant uprising led by Alexander Antonov, which broke out in the Tambov province and went down in history as "Antonovism", is shown, as well as the fate of the whole country and the bloody pages of its history.