USSR, 1965, 138mn 
Black and white, fiction
Approaching the Thunderstorm
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Иду на грозу


 J'affronte la tempête

 Idu na grozu

Directed by : Sergey MIKAELIAN (Сергей МИКАЭЛЯН)
Writing credits : Sergey MIKAELIAN (Сергей МИКАЭЛЯН)
Production : Lenfilm
Spectators : 19,9 million spectators in the USSR
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Based on the novel of the same title by Daniil Granin
The story told in the film begins in 1952 and covers 10 years. Lives of two friends — Sergei Krylov and Oleg Tulin went in two different ways. Shortly after graduating from university Tulin is assigned to work on a serious project, while Krylov is expelled from university for his refusal to consider cybernetics to be “a false science”.
Showing great persistency Krylov grabs the opportunity to work in a research institute under the guidance of the noted scientist Dankevich, but in a difficult moment cowardly leaves the project and goes on a research expedition to collect materials for his theses.
Having achieved success and having got the position of the chief of a laboratory Krylov begins a new research project and invites Tulin to work together, but fate finally pays him back for leaving the project.