Esfir SHUB
Эсфирь ШУБ
USSR, 1930, 76mn 
Black and white, documentary
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Directed by : Esfir SHUB (Эсфирь ШУБ)
Production : Mosfilm

Plot synopsis
A documentary contrasting the life in the USSR and the life in the capitalist countries. Esfir Shub, a pioneer of Soviet avant-garde film and Soviet film propaganda, which in fact were inseparable, made Today in 1929 in collaboration with German communists. Also known as Cannons or Tractors, Today juxtaposes iconic images of the birth of communism in the USSR with iconic images of the birth of capitalism in New York. The confrontation between the two ideologies is expressed in striking avant-garde montage and eloquent inter-titles that praise the Soviets and squash the Americans. A visual masterpiece and an ideological manifesto, Today proves that any propaganda is a work of fiction that can manipulate images, facts and information perfectly.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Rotterdam International Film Festival, Rotterdam (Netherlands), 2015