USSR (Georgia), 1964, 17mn 
Black and white, documentary
Cast Iron
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 La Fonte


Other titles : Tudzhi
Directed by : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Writing credits : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Cinematography : Shalva SHIOSHVILI (Шалва ШИОШВИЛИ)
Production : Studio des documentaires de Géorgie
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
“After I completed APRIL, which was then banned, I was told that I knew nothing about life. That made me angry. I left the city and took a job, incognito, in a steelworks, where I stoked the furnaces for almost two years. It was physically punishing work: smoky, hot and dusty. We became good friends in our four-man brigade. Then I decided to shoot a film about the whole thing. Of course, it never made it onto the screen.”

Commentaries and bibliography
La fonte (1964) [Otar Iosseliani], Julien MORVAN, Perestroikino, 2020
Герои, вы рядом со мной. Фрагмент очерка о сталелитейном заводе, Otar IOSSELIANI, chapaev.media / Komsomolskaya Pravda, 1964

Selected in the following festivals :
- , Paris (France), 2019
- Festival of Central and Eastern Film , Wiesbaden (Germany), 2010
- Douarnenez Film Festival, Douarnenez (France), 2009