Veniamin DORMAN
Вениамин ДОРМАН
Veniamin DORMAN
USSR, 1984, 89mn 
Medyy angel
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Медный ангел


 L'Ange de cuivre

 Medyy angel

Directed by : Veniamin DORMAN (Вениамин ДОРМАН)
Aleksandr FILIPPENKO (Александр ФИЛИППЕНКО) ...Santiliana
Sound : Aleksandr NEIMAN (Александр НЕЙМАН)
Production : Gorky Film Studio
Spectators : 22 million spectators in the USSR
Release date in Russia : 10/1984
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Plot synopsis
An international geological expedition, headed by the Soviet engineer Kurmaev, is conducting surveys in one of the Latin American countries with the aim of building a hydroelectric power station in a remote mountainous area. The Copper Angel Hotel serves as an expedition base, a refuge for the Valdez Brothers' drug smuggling gang, and a target for a reactionary organization. Scientists are held hostage by a gang. Geologists are in mortal danger ...