USSR, 1977, 99mn 
Colour, fiction
Armed And Very Dangerous
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Вооружен и очень опасен


 Armé et très dangereux

 Vooruzhen i ochen opasen

Directed by : Vladimir VAYNSTOCK VAYNSHTOCK (Владимир ВАЙНШТОК)
Writing credits : Pavel FINN (Павел ФИНН), Vladimir VAYNSTOCK VAYNSHTOCK (Владимир ВАЙНШТОК)
Vsevolod ABDULOV (Всеволод АБДУЛОВ) ...Henry York
Donatas BANIONIS (Донатас БАНИОНИС) ...Gabriel Conroy
Leonid BRONEVOY (Леонид БРОНЕВОЙ) ...Peter Danfey
Lev DUROV (Лев ДУРОВ) ...Charlie le chanceux
Lyudmila SENCHINA (Людмила СЕНЧИНА) ...Julie
Mircea VEROIU (Мирча ВЕРОЮ) ...Jack Hamlin
Cinematography : Konstantin RYZHOV (Константин РЫЖОВ)
Production design : Konstantin ZAGORSKY (Константин ЗАГОРСКИЙ)
Music : Georgi FIRTICH (Георгий ФИРТИЧ)
Sound : Nikolay OZORNOV (Николай ОЗОРНОВ)
Production : Gorky Film Studio
Spectators : 39,2 millions of spectators
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DVD with subtitles
Editor : Ruscico.
Subtitles : RU EN

Plot synopsis
Based upon stories by Francis Bret Harte1978 box-office leader – 39.2 million viewers. Songs to lyrics by Vladimir Vysotsky. America’s Wild West of the last third of the 19th century. Thousands of people rushed here in pursuit of enrichment. Among them was Gabriel Conroy, a man absolutely helpless in the world of business. When fountains of oil started gushing on his plot of land, the local moneybags Peter Damphy decided to appropriate the land, and succeeded in it by blackmailing Conroy’s wife and his former mistress Julie…The 1970s pop singer Ludmila Senchina (hits “Cinderella”, “Love and Separation”, “Little Stones”), the irresistible Leonid Bronevoy (“Seventeen Moments of Spring”) and the enigmatic Donatas Banionis (“The Dead Season”) in a highly dramatic film by the acclaimed master of adventure genre Vladimir Vainshtok (“Treasure Island”, “The Headless Horseman”).
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