Russia, 2009, 72mn 
Colour, animation
Our Masha
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Наша Маша и Волшебный орех


 Notre Macha et la noix magique

 Nasha Masha i Volshebnyy orekh

Writing credits : Aleksandr BACHILO (Александр БАЧИЛО), Leonid KAGANOV (Леонид КАГАНОВ)
Music : Mark ERMAN (Марк ЭРМАН)
Produced by : Aleksandr AKOPOV (Александр АКОПОВ)
Production : Amedia
Film revenue in Russia : 0.626 million dollars
Release date in Russia : 10/12/2009
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Plot synopsis
masha“In a far away galaxy, a magical nut is formed once every thousand years. It can grant any wish...” These words, set against a starry background and the image of a nut falling to earth as satellites track it, provide the premise for the animated film Our Masha. The heroine, Masha, is a teenage girl who believes that the only good men in the world are her toys. Upon her discovery of the magic nut, Krakatuk, magical things begin to happen. Masha shrinks and her aforementioned toy friends come to life. They are chased by two rats who wish to steal Krakatuk and in the process are all transported to a parallel world, where the real adventure begins. One of the toys, now transformed into a real man, becomes Masha’s love interest. Masha, unfortunately, is soon kidnapped by the Rat Emperor, who not only wants to use Krakatuk to become emperor but also wants to marry Masha. Her friends must find a way to prevent both of these terrible things from happening.
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Commentaries and bibliography
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