Геннадий КАЮМОВ
Russia, 2010, 120mn 
Colour, fiction
Eye for an eye
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Directed by : Gennadi KAYOUMOV (Геннадий КАЮМОВ)
Writing credits : Gennadi KAYOUMOV (Геннадий КАЮМОВ)
Vladimir GOSTIUKHIN (Владимир ГОСТЮХИН) ...priest
Stanislav LIUBSHIN (Станислав ЛЮБШИН) ...Vedun
Yekaterina SEMENOVA (Екатерина СЕМЕНОВА) ...Varvara's mother
Yevgeni SIDIKHIN (Евгений СИДИХИН) ...Varvara's father
Anna SNATKINA (Анна СНАТКИНА) ...Varvara
Produced by : Pavel BABIN (Павел БАБИН), Mikhail CHURBANOV (Михаил ЧУРБАНОВ), Arkadi DANILOV (Аркадий ДАНИЛОВ), Sergey GRIBKOV (Сергей ГРИБКОВ), Yekaterina TOLDONOVA (Екатерина ТОЛДОНОВА)
Production : Top Line,
International Sales: Sovexportfilm Int. Sales

Plot synopsis
This action-packed story of revenge takes place in the middle of the 13th century in Russia. This time is marked by the Mongol invasion fromthe east, Swedish and German assaults from the west, as well as a bloody struggle among the rival Russian feudal lords. It is the time of uncontrollable violence. Mongol horsemen, Swedish and German knights roam the country. Nobody is safe, nothing is secure.
Barbara, a girl from a small village in northern Russia, is in love and hopes to get married soon. Her father is a professional soldier. He never had a son, so he taught his daughter to handle a sword, as he would do with a boy. Barbara never thought to use that skill, but she had to… After Barbara’s mother and sisters were killed in front of her, she becomes a cruel fighter. Her mission is now to rid her land of the invaders, to kill as many of them as possible. ‘An eye for an eye’ – that’s Barbara’s motto for the rest of her life. ‘She was born for love, but lives for vengeance’ – says the log line of the movie.