USSR (Georgia), 1969, 21mn 
Black and white, documentary
Georgian ancient songs
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Старинная грузинская песня


 Anciens chants géorgiens

 Starinnaya gruzinskaya pesnya

Other titles : Dzveli qartuli simgera
Directed by : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Writing credits : Otar IOSSELIANI (Отар ИОСЕЛИАНИ)
Cinematography : Timur CHOKHONELIDZE (Тимур ЧОХОНЕЛИДЗЕ)
Production : Georgian Studio of Documentary Films

Plot synopsis
“It’s a film about Georgian traditional polyphony. Georgian songs are always sung in one, two, three or even four voices. It’s a story about how these songs are structured. And at the same time we show what life was like in the old days. The official reaction to the film was one of indignation. I managed to steal a print of the film and keep it safe.”

Selected in the following festivals :
- Intégrale Sergueï Loznitsa au Centre Pompidou et carte blanche au réalisateur, Paris (France), 2020
- , Paris (France), 2019