Russia, 2009, 407mn 
Colour, documentary, TV serial
Word for Word
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 Mot à mot


Directed by : Oleg DORMMAN (Олег ДОРМАН)
Writing credits : Oleg DORMMAN (Олег ДОРМАН)
Cinematography : Oleg DORMMAN (Олег ДОРМАН), Vadim YUSOV (Вадим ЮСОВ)

Awards :
- Prize from Russian television critics ‘for a breakthrough of individuality onto the [small] screen, and the magic of a unique voice (intonatsiia)’, 2009
- The Lavr (Laurel) prize, awarded to documentary films, for the best documentary TV series, 2009
- Prize of the Stalker film festival ‘for dignity, decency and spirituality (intelligentnost’), preserved throughout the XX century ‘, 2009

Note :
14 episodes, 26 min each plus 1 final episode 43 min long

Plot synopsis
Liliann Lungina’s autobiographical monologue, arranged chronologically. The material was recorded as a seven-day interview in February 1997, when she was still alive.

Commentaries and bibliography
Oleg Dorman : Word for Word Translation (Podstrochnik 2009), Andrei ROGATCHEVSKI, kinokultura.com, 2010

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