Russia, 2011, 105mn 
Colour, fiction
Rorrim Bo & The Magic Goblet 3D
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Волшебный кубок Роррима Бо


 La Coupe magique de Rorrim Bo

 Volshebnyy kubok Rorrima Bo

Directed by : Yekaterina GROKHOVSKAYA (Екатерина ГРОХОВСКАЯ)
Writing credits : Yekaterina GROKHOVSKAYA (Екатерина ГРОХОВСКАЯ), Fyodor LETUNOVSKY (Федор ЛЕТУНОВСКИЙ), Aleksey SHCHEGLOV (Алексей ЩЕГЛОВ)
Aleksandr REVVA (Александр РЕВВА)
Cinematography : Sergey DYSHUK (Сергей ДЫШУК)
Production design : Yekaterina GROKHOVSKAYA (Екатерина ГРОХОВСКАЯ)
Produced by : Aleksandr REVVA (Александр РЕВВА), Igor ZADORIN (Игорь ЗАДОРИН)
Other persons :
Cast : Сергей ХАРЛАМОВ (Sergey KHARLAMOV), Жозефина КАРР-ХАРРИС (Josephine KARR-KHARRIS)
Production : Renovatio entertainment, ZG Film
Release date in Russia : 2012

Plot synopsis
In 2009, director Ekaterina Ghokhskaya did the rounds of world festivals with her short The Two, while in 2006, she was in competition at Rotterdam with her feature debut The Man of No Return. This year, two genre movies that she directed are enjoying commercial success: the mystical thriller Devil’s Flower and the Christmas 3D fairy tale Rorrim Bo & The Magic Goblet. Its subject matter combines terrifying stories with which Soviet children loved to frighten each other, traditional family fantasy motifs and comedy elements. On New Year’s Eve, the staff at a children’s vacation camp happen to find and unseal a magic goblet, inside which a badtempered witch had been languishing, having been incarcerated there five hundred years earlier by the inhabitants of an enchanted realm. She now takes over the female head of the camp and she gains strength, feeding on other people’s fears. The children who come there for the holidays have to fight against this evil from the other side. However, in order to do so, they need to call on Rorrim Bo for help, a timid inhabitant of that magical country, whose father had once been able to defeat this sorceress. The witch is voiced by the Russian star Renata Litvinova, a familiar face in movies by Kira Muratova, as well as by Peter Greenaway, who is both a director and a screenwriter and whose productions are shown at Rotterdam and Berlin.Work on special effects and a3Dadaptation is currently in progress and will be completed in its entirety in time for the winter holidays.
Source : Action! Cannes 2010 Special Edition