Russia / France, 1994, 154mn 
Colour, fiction
Burnt by the Sun
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Утомленные солнцем


 Soleil trompeur

 Utomlyonnye solntsem

Directed by : Nikita MIKHALKOV (Никита МИХАЛКОВ)
Writing credits : Rustam IBRAGIMBEKOV (Рустам ИБРАГИМБЕКОВ), Nikita MIKHALKOV (Никита МИХАЛКОВ)
Oleg MENSHIKOV (Олег МЕНЬШИКОВ) ...Dmitri (Mitia)
Nikita MIKHALKOV (Никита МИХАЛКОВ) ...Sergueï Petrovitch Kotov
Ingeborga DAPKUNAITE (Ингеборга ДАПКУНАЙТЕ) ...Marusya
Svetlana KRIUCHKOVA (Светлана КРЮЧКОВА) ...Mokhova
Nadezhda MIKHALKOVA (Надежда МИХАЛКОВА) ...Nadia
Yevgeni MIRONOV (Евгений МИРОНОВ) ...Micha
Vyacheslav TIKHONOV (Вячеслав ТИХОНОВ) ...Vsevolod Konstantinovitch
Cinematography : Vilen KALYUTA (Вилен КАЛЮТА)
Production design : Vladimir ARONIN (Владимир АРОНИН)
Music : Eduard ARTEMIEV (Эдуард АРТЕМЬЕВ)
Produced by : Nikita MIKHALKOV (Никита МИХАЛКОВ), Leonid VERESHCHAGIN (Леонид ВЕРЕЩАГИН)
Production : Trite, Michel Seydoux-Canal+ / Camera One, Roscomkino, Club Russe
Film revenue in Russia : 0.160 million dollars
Spectators : 0,5298 million spectators in the USSR
Site : IMDb
Release date in France : 1994-08-31, Site

Awards :
Special Jury prize Festival de Cannes, Cannes (France), 1994
Oscar du meilleur film étranger aux USA, 1994

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Ruscico
Editor : Fox Pathé Europe

Plot synopsis
In the Soviet Union of 1936 revolutionary hero, Colonel Kotov, is spending an idyllic summer in his dacha with his wife and their 6 year old daughter. They are surprised by the arrival of the charming Mitia, who exploits his status as an old family friend to carry out a dark mission. Kotov's confidence in himself and his country are at first unshakable; he is unable to comprehend that his peaceful family idyll is about to be destroyed by the brutality of the Stalinist regime.
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