Askold KUROV
Аскольд КУРОВ
Russia, 2014, 70mn 
Children 404
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 Les enfants-404

 Dieti 404

Directed by : Askold KUROV (Аскольд КУРОВ), Pavel LOPAREV (Павел ЛОПАРЕВ)
Writing credits : Askold KUROV (Аскольд КУРОВ), Pavel LOPAREV (Павел ЛОПАРЕВ)
Cinematography : Askold KUROV (Аскольд КУРОВ), Pavel LOPAREV (Павел ЛОПАРЕВ)
Produced by : Askold KUROV (Аскольд КУРОВ), Pavel LOPAREV (Павел ЛОПАРЕВ)
Production : COLTA.RU при поддержке Фонда имени Генриха Бёлля. COLTA.RU avec le soutien de la Fondation Heinrich BÖLL
Release date in Russia : 23/04/2014
Site : IMDb

Note :
In 2013 Russia passed a law against "promoting homosexuality" to young people. Young gays and lesbians became an "error of the system" and their bullying was authorised at the highest levels. The Children 404 website established by Elena Klimova publishes messages from young people who are the victims of brutal attacks due to their sexual orientation. The filmmakers gave some of these children cameras in order to record their lives. The video journals interspersed with interviews present a chilling ... - See more at:

Plot synopsis
In 2013, Russian President Vladimir Putin passed a bill forbidding the “promotion of nontraditional sexual relations to minors.” LGBT youth, now defenseless against insults and intimidation under this “gay propaganda” law, are considered sick, sinful and abnormal. Psychologists, teachers and even parents can be fined or imprisoned for supporting them. Forty-five Russian teens and tweens share their stories through anonymous interviews and video diaries. They detail their humiliations and discriminations, as well as their courageous stands against bullies. Their testimonies are collected online as the Children 404 project, named after the common “error 404 - page not found” web message. The support group’s founder struggles within the system to bring public attention and empathy to the victims of this government-endorsed hate, while activist Pasha decides he must leave his homeland altogether if he hopes to find a boyfriend and lead a normal life. Has a new Stone Age arrived in Russia? Angie Driscol Source :

Selected in the following festivals :
- "Jeden Svët" International Human Rights Documentary Film Festival One World, Prague (Czech Republic), 2015
- Hot Docs. Canadian International Documentary Festival, Toronto (Canada), 2014
- FilmFestival Cottbus - Festival of East European Cinema, Cottbus (Germany), 2014