Russia, 2015, 106mn 
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 14 ans - Premier amour


Directed by : Andrey ZAYTSEV (Андрей ЗАЙЦЕВ)
Writing credits : Andrey ZAYTSEV (Андрей ЗАЙЦЕВ)
Dmitry BARINOV (Дмитрий БАРИНОВ)
Dmitry BLOKHIN (Дмитрий БЛОХИН)
Anna RUD (Анна РУДЬ)
Cinematography : Shandor BERKESHI (Шандор БЕРКЕШИ), Kirill BOBROV (Кирилл БОБРОВ)
Production design : Olga KHLEBNIKOVA (Ольга ХЛЕБНИКОВА)
Editing : Andrey ZAYTSEV (Андрей ЗАЙЦЕВ), Yulia БАТАЛОВА (Юлия БАТАЛОВА)
Produced by : Olga GRANINA (Ольга ГРАНИНА), Andrey ZAYTSEV (Андрей ЗАЙЦЕВ)
Production : Киностудия «Сентябрь» / Film Studio September
Film revenue in Russia : 0.1736 million dollars
Sites : Page sur Allociné, page sur IMDb
Release date in France : 2017-05-10, Site

Awards :
Audience Award Festival de films russes Kinorama au cinéma Royal de Biarritz, Biarritz (France), 2017
Diploma of the Jury Andrey ZAYTSEV , Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2015
First prize Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2015
First prize International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2015

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Rimini Editions. 2018. Titre : 14 ans, premier amour

Plot synopsis
Alex glides his mouse tenderly over online images of Vika. He has been smitten ever since he saw her with her friends and cannot get her out of his head. Now he has found Vika’s profile online and has learned a lot about her. Vika has no idea about any of this. She is beyond Alex’s reach because her school and block of flats are enemy territory for him. Alex nonetheless sneaks into a disco at her school and plucks up the courage to ask her to dance. Incensed by the intruder, the other boys give Alex a beating. As bad as it was, the good thing is that, upset by what has happened, Vika gets in touch with Alex and tentatively reciprocates his feelings. Their secret trysts give them a chance to get close, haltingly at first, for every gesture, sentence and touch is new and exciting to them. They are afraid to do something wrong and yet everything they do is right. A turbulent, moving tale of first love set in a vast suburban conglomeration of tower blocks. The story might recall Romeo and Juliet but, rather than being united in death, the lovers here are united in life.
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Commentaries and bibliography
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Selected in the following festivals :
- Semaine russe au Ciné-Parvis Le Méridien de Tarbes, Tarbes (France), 2018
- Days of Russian cinema, Aix les Bains (France), 2018
- Festival de films russes Kinorama au cinéma Royal de Biarritz, Biarritz (France), 2017
- Release in France of the film, Different cities (France), 2017-05-10
- Ciné-Club « Passy-Moscou, Regards sur le Cinéma Russe Contemporain », Paris (France), 2017
- Russian Film Festival in Niort, Niort (France), 2017
- Russian Resurrection Film Festival, Different cities (Australia), 2016
- Russian film festival in Paris, Paris (France), 2016
- Nantes Russian Film Festival, Nantes (France), 2016
- Festival of Central and Eastern Film , Wiesbaden (Germany), 2016
- Sarajevo Film Festival, Sarajevo (Bosnia and Herzegovina), 2015
- Cairo International Film Festival, Cairo (Egypt), 2015
- Honfleur Russian Film Festival, Honfleur (France), 2015
- Russian Film Week in Paris : Regards de Russie, Paris (France), 2015
- Semaine du nouveau cinéma russe à Monaco : "Regards de Russie", Monaco (France), 2015
- Berlin International Film Festival : Berlinale, Berlin (Germany), 2015
- Russische Filmwoche in Berlin, Berlin (Germany), 2015
- Independant European Film Festival VOICES, Vologda (Russia), 2015
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2015
- International Human Rights Film Festival, Moscow (Russia), 2015

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