Born 1983, USSR (Russia)
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Filmography (extracts)
2022 - I'm not Lakit (Я не Лакит) [fiction, full length film]
2017 - Fleeing the war (Бежать от войны) [documentary, 52 mn]
2016 - Muhammad (Мухаммед) [8 mn]
2022 - I'm not Lakit (Я не Лакит) by Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE [fiction, full length film]
2016 - Muhammad (Мухаммед) by Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE [8 mn]
2022 - I'm not Lakit (Я не Лакит) by Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE [fiction, full length film]
2017 - Fleeing the war (Бежать от войны) by Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE , Nikolay_2 VIKTOROV [documentary, 52 mn]
2016 - Muhammad (Мухаммед) by Marya_2 IVANOVA SURAE [8 mn]
2014 - The last one (Последний) by Sergey PIKALOV [fiction, 15 mn]
2010 - Iosif Brodsky. Conversation with a Heavenly Being (Иосиф Бродский. Разговор с небожителем) by Roman LIBEROV [documentary, 39 mn]
2009 - Yuri Oleshka. Nickname 'The writer' (Юрий Олеша. По кличке 'писатель') by Roman LIBEROV [documentary, 48 mn]
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Until now, she had two loves: her family and the cinema. She now has three. And her third is called Lebanon, which she considers to be her second homeland. A country where she feels perfectly at home and where she went to shoot her film Je ne suis pas un Lakit.
Born in Moscow in 1983, Maria Ivanova Surae graduated from the journalism faculty of Moscow State University, but it was towards the 7th art that she turned to wear the three producer caps 16 years later. , screenwriter and director. Now at the head of the film company Scoop Production (, she has already shot more than 100 documentaries for television channels. In 2014, the short fiction film, The Last One or Sonuncu (a co-production between Russia and Azerbaijan), which she produced, was selected for the official short film competition at the 67th Cannes Film Festival, then participated in 87 festivals and receives 9 awards. In 2017, she directed a short documentary, Muhammad, and a feature documentary on Syrian refugees titled Fleeing the war. This film won a special prize from the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Russia and the main Critics’ Choice Award at the Stalker International Film Festival.
Researcher and quasi-anthropologist, Maria Ivanova Surae fell in love with the mythical rock of Raouché and, since then, has never stopped going back and forth to Lebanon, making films and documentaries and investing in the Lebanese cultural scene.
In 2021, she finished her first feature film The Anger (a Lebanese-German co-production). The actress Manal Issa plays the main role and the director has for director of photography on this film Tommaso Fiorilli, who had already officiated in The Insult of Ziad Doueiri. The film is about a relationship “complicated in Lebanon”, between a young Muslim and a French. “I felt that there were a lot of similarities in this subject, with my country,” she says. This is his first achievement in Lebanon. The author / director is so involved that she braves the explosion of August 4 (when her place of production … born in Beirut is completely destroyed) but also the Covid-19 and the absence of her family, to stay in Lebanon and continue filming. “We only postponed filming for two weeks to rebuild. I had to finish my project, affirms the director who continues: I cannot at all explain this feeling of belonging to the country of the Cedars and to its people. For me, the Lebanese are very courageous and they are almost all professionals in their niche. As it is not found in other countries, she adds. This is why it pains me to know that many of them give up and want to emigrate. We must not give up. We in Russia too have had very hard times and we have overcome them. This is a real message of survival that the director sends to Lebanon, she who is convinced that only culture can help people keep hope.