Born 1934, Latvia
Died 2007
Rostislav GORYAYEV
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Ростислав Аркадьевич ГОРЯЕВ
Rostislav GORIAEV
Filmography (extracts)
1982 - Solar Wind (Солнечный ветер) [fiction, TV serial]
1973 - Touch (Прикосновение) [fiction, 97 mn]
1968 - "24-25" Won't Come Back («24-25» не возвращается) [fiction, 89 mn]
1966 - Nocturne (Ноктюрн) [fiction, 88 mn]

Other films
1963 - На трассе / Along the Route (USSR, short)
1970 - Качели / The Swings (USSR)
1988 - Будни и праздники Серафимы Глюкиной / Work-Days and Holidays of Serafima Glyukina (USSR)
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Born on January 26,1934 in Riga (Latvia).
Graduated from the department of directing at the A.N.Ostrovsky Leningrad Theatre institute (1958, workshop of L.Vivien).
After staging his diploma play at the Drama Theatre in Komsomolsk-on-the-Amur, worked in Liepae at the Theatre of the Baltic Fleet (1959-1960), in Riga at the Riga Theatre of the Young Viewer and Riga Theatre of Russian Drama.
Since 1959 is a director at Riga film studio, directed episodes for movie magazines "Fitil", "Sovetskaya Latvia", "Maksla".
In 1966 debuted as a feature film director with the movie "Nocturne". Staged plays at the A.S.Pushkin Leningrad theatre. In 1974-1979 was the principal director at the Theatre of the Soviet Army (Moscow). Directed movies at the "Ekran" and Sverdlovsk studios.
In later years staged plays at various theatres of Moscow, Riga, Alma-Ata, Yaroslavl and Nizhny Novgorod.