Born 1947 
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Георгий Александрович НЕГАШЕВ
Filmography (extracts)
2017 - Letters from war (Письма с войны) [documentary, 25 mn]
2010 - Last Dolls' Game (Последняя игра в куклы) [fiction, 90 mn]
2020 - Habit (Привычка) by Aleksey KARAEV , Aleksandr RUBTSOV [animation]
2020 - Very dreadful (Самый страшный) by Pavel NIKIFOROV [animation, 8 mn]
2019 - Runmania (Бегомания) by Daria STOLBETSOVA [animation, 5 mn]
2019 - Litte Big Dream (Маленькая большая мечта) by Nina BISSYARINA [animation, 5 mn]
2016 - Knopka (Кнопка) by Maksim KULIKOV [animation, 10 mn]
2014 - Giraffe (Жирафа) by Anastasia SOKOLOVA [animation, 8 mn]
2013 - Velikié reki Sibiri. Biriusa. (Великие реки Сибири. Бирюса) by Pavel FATTAKHUTDINOV [documentary, 34 mn]
2012 - Don’t Forget your Belongings When you Get off (При выходе не забываете свои вещи...) by Nina BISSYARINA [animation, 5.4 mn]
2010 - Last Dolls' Game (Последняя игра в куклы) by Georgi NEGASHEV [fiction, 90 mn]

Other films
1998 - Последний король симеизского пляжа (Last King of Semeiz Beach), doc.
1991 - Бенефис сантехника Смирнова (One-man Show of Plumbing Specialist Smirnov), doc.
1989 - Новые времена (New Times), doc.
1988 - За белой дверью (Behind the White Door), doc.
1984 - Колыбельная с куклой (Lullaby with Doll), doc.
1979 - Последнее амплуа Олега Юртайкина (Last Role of Oleg Yurtaikin), doc.

Awards :
Last Dolls' Game :
First prize, Cinema for children, Festival Russian kino 'Moscow Premier Screenings', Moscow (Russia), 2011

Georgy Negashev (1947) graduated from the Cultural Institute in former Leningrad, then began working as a TV director in current Ekaterinburg, where he later became head of the movie studio. He is primarily known as a producer and director of a number of documentaries, and he also heads the Ekaterinburg documentary film festival. Playing With Dolls (2010) is his feature-length film debut.