Born 1980, USSR (Russia)
Konstantin GOLENCHIK
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Константин ГОЛЕНЧИК
Filmography (extracts)
2010 - At The Bottom (На дне) [documentary, 25 mn]
2010 - We Are Not Vegetables (Мы не овощи) [documentary, 25 mn]

Other films
2009 - Мировые оперные театры. La Scalla (World Opera Theatres .La Scalla)
2009 - Ролан Пети. Между прошлым и будущим (Rolan Peti. Between the Past and the Future)
2007 - На волнах моей памяти (On Waves of My Memory)
2007 - Эдуард Артемьев. Чужой среди своих (Yeduard Artemiev. Alien Among Friends)
2007-2008 Оперные театры СНГ (Opera Theatres of the Commonweath), cycle of

Born in Moscow in 1980.
He began working at the TV (Shabolovka) as a director’s assistant.
Three years later entered the VGIK (cameramans department), after graduating he received a proposal to work in the directorship.of prime broadcasting of the NTV Company. He is currently the Director of “Profession-Reporter” programme, works with the leading reporters of the NTV Company such as K.Gordeeva, A.Loshak, E.Listova.