55 Кинофестиваль в Кракове
Краков (Польша) - 31 Май 2015 - 07 июнь 2015
Русские фильмы
Разговор, 2015

(La conversation)

Анастасия НОВИКОВА
(Anastassia NOVIKOVA)

Анастасия НОВИКОВА

Мы не можем жить без космоса
Мы не можем жить без космоса, 2014

(Nous ne pouvons pas vivre sans le cosmos)

Константин БРОНЗИТ
(Konstantin BRONZIT)

Константин БРОНЗИТ


Другие фильмы
- Olya's Love, Kirill SAKHARNOV, Documentary, AT/RUS, 68', 2014

- February, Ruslan MAGOMADOV, Fiction, Competition 5, RUS, 26', 2014
Two brothers follow the tracks of a wolf that bit to death one of their sheep. The path through snowy slopes is very demanding and Mamil, the younger brother, is not always able to keep pace with his older and more experienced brother, Zelamkh. When, after a log walk, they go back home, there is no one in the village. Following the tracks, the brothers catch up with a column led by Russian soldiers. They experience two, completely different reactions to what they can see. The film was inspired by the brutal evictions of Chechens from their land in 1944.

- The Hen, Vasil BEDOSHVILI, Animation, Competition 3, 7’ RUS, 2014
A casual relationship with a stunningly handsome cock which started on the beach and was passionately consumed on the following night will turn the life of an attractive hen upside down. Unwanted pregnancy does not mean undesirable stability. It is a hard nut to crack for a teenager who favours, above all, comfort, carefree attitude and play. Full of humour, this allegoric animation shows a woman who tries to find her life role.

- On the Edge, Anna SHISHOVA, Documentary, RUS, 49', 2014
On a winter day in a Russian town in the Kostroma Oblast someone finds an older man who is freezing in a car. Who is he? The character no one wants is taken in by an Orthodox priest and tries to recover looked after by a nun. As time goes by, his story is revealed against the backdrop of a provincial town whose life for generations has been overshadowed by a big prison.