Евгений ЮФИТ
Evgueni YOUFIT
Yevgeni YUFIT
СССР, 1984, 5мин 
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 Werewolf Orderlies

 Infirmiers loups-garous

Режиссёр(ы) : Евгений ЮФИТ (Yevgeni YUFIT)
Сценарист(ы) : Евгений ЮФИТ (Yevgeni YUFIT)
Оператор(ы) : Евгений ЮФИТ (Yevgeni YUFIT)

Аннотации на русском языке нет.

young sailor gets off the train and makes his way towards the forest with a saw in his hands. He sees strange people in white overalls behaving in an eccentric and absurd way. The young man resigns himself to the general insanity and werewolf orderlies tear him into pieces. The final image emerging before his eyes is a white ship on the horizon – the Soviet symbol of joy and happiness.
Yufit admits that he had no notion of cinematography at the time of shooting the picture. It was made on impulse in the train and a clutch of punks from the Automatic Satisfactors union were the main characters of the film.
Source : http://arsenals.lv

Отобран во фестивалях :
- Международный кинофестиваль в Риге “Arsenals”, Рига (Латвия), 2008