2012, 71мин 
Цветной, документальный
Марш, марш, левой!
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Marsh, marsh, levoy!


 March, March With Your Left !

 En marche, la gauche!

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On March 4, 2012, Vladimir Putin was once again elected President of Russia, marking the start of his third term. The opposition objected - they were already convinced there had been foul play during the 2011 parliamentary elections, and they demanded that Putin resign from the presidency. One of the most controversial opposition leaders is 35-year-old Sergei Udaltsov of the Leftist Front movement. With his black clothes and piercing gaze, he looks more like a street fighter than a politician, yet his supporters come from a wide range of social and intellectual backgrounds. Director Evgeniya Montayya Ibanyes managed to get up close to Udaltsov and some of his supporters during their struggle to realize their ideals. One of the scenes is filmed at a hunger strike organized by Udaltsov, in which nine people participate. At the big demonstration on May 6, 2012, the day before Putin was sworn in as president, we watch as thousands of Udaltsov supporters initially shout slogans and demonstrate peacefully, but are then pushed back and dispersed by the riot police with teargas and batons. The mood becomes increasingly grim and Udaltsov tries to address the crowd, but he's arrested and - not for the first time - taken to court.

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