Different Directors
Разные режиссёры
Différents réalisateurs
Russia / France / Switzerland / The Czech Republic / USA, 2018, 50mn 
Colour, animation
Malenkie skazki pod snegom
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Маленькие сказки под снегом


 Little tales under the snow

 Petits contes sous la neige

Directed by : Different Directors ( Разные режиссёры)
Site : Page sur Allociné
Release date in France : 2018-11-14, Site

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Folimage. 2019. Titre : Petits contes sous la neige.
Bande annonce (1min)
Documentaire Petits sons sous la mer (sound design-10 Min)
En cadeau : un dépliant avec 2 mini-jeux, livret pédagogique, dossier de presse

Plot synopsis
This new program once again highlights the quality and diversity of the types of animation, going from digital 2D, to animated cut paper and volume animation on the theme of snow for a large part but not only. It is also for all recent achievements of 2016 and 2017. Some stories are short and are based mainly on the humorous issue like the hilarious Biquettes by Ekaterina Filippova (Russia, 2016) made of cut paper where goats are struggling as they can to eat leaves while they are locked in a wagon. Other stories are concerned with developing a longer narrative with a metaphorical content, as is the case with Filip Diviak's Awakener (Czech Republic, 2017). Humor is still present at Krishna Chandran A. Nair's Funny Fish (France, Switzerland, 2017) as well as a sound creation produced with particular care to recreate the underwater context. Eugenia Zhirkova's Luge and the Dragon (Russia, 2017) emphasizes the fluidity of movement in a story launched at high speed and plunging into the subjectivity of a dreamy little girl. Star fishermen by Han Zhang (USA, 2016) offers a melodramatic story that ends well with a more traditional 2D digital animation of more important productions. The family Tramway by Svetlana Andrianova (Russia, 2016) in volume animation tells a beautiful story of intergenerational ties from an initiation perspective with trams endowed with life. As for the Scepter of Santa Claus by Alexey Alekseev (Russia, 2016) which closes the program, we come back to a more traditional story where Santa Claus is not at the center of the story but a magical figure rebalancing the jokes of a little painful rabbit. A magnificent program which privileges the softness and the felted framework of stories which are in this snowy environment in which the childhood lets itself be rocked with enthusiasm and tenderness from 3 years. The DVD edition also offers as a bonus a discovery of the profession of sound designer, this sound manager who will in particular recreate the sound composition of the film: a great educational proposal to gradually discover the construction of an animated film.

7 histoires animées dans la douceur feutrée de la neige et pas que..., Cedric LEPINE, mediapart.fr, 2019
This film is composed of 7 independent films, 4 of which are Russian:

- Le Réveilleur de Filip Diviak (République Tchèque, 2017)
- Drôle de poisson de Krishna Chandran A. Nair (France, Suisse, 2017)
- La Luge et le dragon d’Eugenia Zhirkova (Russie, 2017)
- Pêcheurs d'étoiles de Han Zhang (USA, 2016)
- Biquettes d’Ekaterina Filippova (Russie, 2016)
- La Famille tramway de Svetlana Andrianova (Russie, 2016)
- Le Sceptre du Père Noël d’Alexey Alekseev (Russie, 2016)

Selected in the following festivals :
- Release in France of the film, Different cities (France), 2018-11-14