Russia, 2015, 76mn 
Tayna Sukharevoy bashni. Charodey ravnovesiya
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Тайна Сухаревой башни. Чародей Равновесия


 .Secret of the Sukharev Tower. Magician of Balance

 Le Secret de la Tour Soukharev. Le magicien de l'équilibre

Directed by : Sergey SEREGIN (Сергей СЕРЕГИН)
Writing credits : Yelena GABETS (Елена ГАБЕЦ), Sergey SEREGIN (Сергей СЕРЕГИН), Anatoli VOLOGDIN (Анатолий ВОЛОГДИН)
Companies : Master Film
Film revenue in Russia : 0.165625 million dollars
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
Russia, end of the 17th century. Tsar Peter the Great issues a decree about New Year celebrations. Under the guise of a scientist and mechanic, the Master of dark magic, who wants to get to the Magic Worlds in order to get back his magic force, arrives at the tsar’s court. The Gates of the Magic Worlds are in Moscow in the Sukharev Tower. They are protected by Count Jacob Bruce, the famous associate of Tsar Peter, a scientist, sorcerer and Magician of Balance. Bruce’s pupil, the teenager Petya, learns by chance about insidious plans of the Master and hastens to Sukharev Tower to warn Bruce’s daughter Margarita of the danger. The children quarrel and unintentionally tear apart the ancient scroll that contains Bruce’s magic force. The children must go on a dangerous adventure in the Magic Worlds to restore the scroll.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2015