Russia, 2019, 87mn 
Do novogo goda ostalos...
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До Нового года осталось…


 Until the New Year ...

 Jusqu'au nouvel an, il reste...

Directed by : Aleksey BAZHANOV (Алексей БАЖАНОВ)
Release Date in Russia : 19/12/2019
Site : IMDb

Plot synopsis
As all of Moscow buys gifts and decorates Christmas trees, Denis is desperately trying to have time to open his bar before December 31 and prove his worth to his father. Irina is more and more immersed in work, trying not to notice the decorated office, the approaching holidays, or her own loneliness. Nastya is a freshman, all alone in a foreign Moscow for her, misses her mother, she works in a cafe and, smiling with her last strength, brings joy and coffee to people. Sveta is a snow princess who can rejoice for others in the New Year and give them a festive mood, but she is not doing well either: her beloved husband is completely immersed in the world of computer games and does not notice neither her son, nor Sveta, nor reality. And all the while, Alexander and Alexandra are making a movie about true love, trying not to think that their personal story has no chance of a happy ending. Five wonderful stories that happened to completely different people on New Years Eve against the backdrop of old snowy Arbat.