Aleksandr_2 GRISHIN
Александр_2 ГРИШИН
Aleksandr_2 GRICHINE
Russia, 2020, 81mn 
Atakan. Krovaya legenda
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Атакан. Кровавая легенда


 Atakan. Bloody Legend

 Atakan. Légende sanglante

Directed by : Aleksandr_2 GRISHIN (Александр_2 ГРИШИН)
Release Date in Russia : 13/08/2020
Site : Kinopoisk

Plot synopsis
A group of students-historians, led by a young teacher, descends into the undergrounds of St. Petersburg to find the legendary Atakan, the cursed stone on which pagans have sacrificed human beings for centuries. Exploring the dark corridors, the students realize with horror that they are not alone in this place.