Анастасия МЕЛИХОВА
Anastassia MELIKHOVA
Russia, 2020, 6mn 
Nachalo sveta
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Начало света


 The Beginning of The World

 Le Début du monde

Directed by : Anastasia MELIKHOVA (Анастасия МЕЛИХОВА)
Writing credits : Anastasia MELIKHOVA (Анастасия МЕЛИХОВА)
Production design : Anastasia MELIKHOVA (Анастасия МЕЛИХОВА)
Sound : Nadezhda SHESTAKOVA (Надежда ШЕСТАКОВА)
Produced by : Valentina KHIZHNYAKOVA (Валентина ХИЖНЯКОВА)

Plot synopsis
Animated film based on the tale of the creation of the sun and moon. The world is immersed in twilight, there is no light or shadow in it. The twins, brother and sister, grow a tree, and one day the first leaf appears on it.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Baikal Festival : People and Environment, Irkutsk (Russia), 2021
- Open Russian Festival of Animated Film, Suzdal (Russia), 2021
- Window to Europe Film Festival, Vyborg, Vyborg (Russia), 2020