Адильхан ЕРЖАНОВ
Adilkhan ERJANOV
France / Kazakhstan, 2020, 90mn 
Zheltaya koshka
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Желтая кошка


 Yellow cat

 Le Chat jaune

Other titles : Sary mysyq
Directed by : Adilkhan YERZHANOV (Адильхан ЕРЖАНОВ)
Writing credits : Erken GUBASHEV (Еркен ГУБАШЕВ), Adilkhan YERZHANOV (Адильхан ЕРЖАНОВ)
Azamat NIGMANOV (Азамат НИГМАНОВ) ...Kermek
Kamila NUGMANOVA (Камила НУГМАНОВА) ...Eva
Sanzhar MADI (Санжар МАДИ) ...Zhambas
Cinematography : Yerkinbek PTYRALIEV (Еркинбек Птыралиев)
Production design : Yermek UTEGENOV (Ермек УТЕГЕНОВ)
Editing : Adilkhan YERZHANOV (Адильхан ЕРЖАНОВ)
Produced by : Kanat BITEMIROV (Канат БИТЕМИРОВ)
Companies : Arizona Productions; Казахфильм / Kazakhfilm; Short Brothers; ZERDE FILMS

Plot synopsis
Ex-con Kermek and his beloved Eva want to leave their crime-infested lives on the Kazakh steppes behind. He has a dream: building a movie theater in the mountains. Will Kermek’s love of Alain Delon be strong enough to keep them out of the violent clutches of the mafia?

Kermek is a folk character who came to modern times. He has pure and simple understanding of the world: good is good, evil is evil. It won’t be easy for such hero to survive in this cruel world. But he is kind, and his kindness will help him to get through everything.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Hong-Kong International Film Festival, Hong Kong (China), 2021
- Fribourg International Film Festival, Fribourg (Switzerland), 2021
- Venice International Film Festival, Venice (Italy), 2020