Viktor TUROV
Виктор ТУРОВ
USSR (Belarus), 1964, 82mn 
Black and white, fiction
Cherez kladbishche
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Через кладбище


 Through the Graveyard

 A travers le cimetière

Directed by : Viktor TUROV (Виктор ТУРОВ)
Writing credits : Pavel NILIN (Павел НИЛИН)
Vladimir BELOKUROV (Владимир БЕЛОКУРОВ) ...Sazon Ivanovich
Vladimir EMELIANOV (Владимир ЕМЕЛЬЯНОВ) ...Bugreyev
Galina MORACHEVA (Галина МОРАЧЕВА) ...Eva
Yelizaveta UVAROVA (Елизавета УВАРОВА) ...Sofia Kazimirovna
Cinematography : Anatoli ZABOLOTSKY (Анатолий ЗАБОЛОЦКИЙ)
Production design : Vladimir DEMENTYEV (Владимир ДЕМЕНТЬЕВ), Yevgeni IGNATYEV (Евгений ИГНАТЬЕВ)
Companies : Belarusfilm

Plot synopsis
The action takes in the autumn of 1942, when German army was approaching Stalingrad and a group of Belorussian partisans decides to make a disruption in the rear of German’s troop trains. Having found themselves without equipment, they send the young Mikhas to mechanic Bugreev. He is accompanied by Sazon Ivanovich, who is also cooperating with Germans – by the secret task of partisans. They come to the lodge, where equipment is hidden, build a fire and start to clarify explosive. Sudden arrival of Germans crushes the heroes’ plan…
Full-length debut of Victor Turov, which layed the basis for aesthetics of Belorussian “partisan cinema”. In 1995 the film was included in the list of 100 best war films by UNESCO.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF), Moscow (Russia), 2010