Vladimir BYCHKOV
Владимир БЫЧКОВ
USSR, 1972, 138mn 
Dostoyanie respubliki
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Достояние республики


 Dostoyanie respubliki

 Le Bien de la République

Directed by : Vladimir BYCHKOV (Владимир БЫЧКОВ)
Andrey MIRONOV (Андрей МИРОНОВ) ...Marquis
Spectators : 47,1 millions of spectators
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Plot synopsis
Spring 1918. Tarakanov, the steward of Prince Tikhvinsky's estate, with the help of a marquis's former fencing teacher and the little vagabond Kechki, steals a collection of paintings and paintings from the manor abandoned by his masters. Hoping to get it across abroad, the burglars travel with a circus troupe, tracked by the indefatigable criminal inspector, Makar Ovchinnikov.