USSR / Hungary, 1971, 167mn 
Colour, fiction
Derzhis za oblaka
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Держись за облака


 Hold on to the Clouds

 Tiens-toi aux nuages

Other titles : Kapaszkodj a fellegekbe!
Directed by : Boris GRIGORYEV (Борис ГРИГОРЬЕВ)
Istvan BUJTOR (Иштван БУЙТОР)
Gunārs CILINSKIS (Гунарс ЦИЛИНСКИС) ...Vladimir
Mikhail KONONOV (Михаил КОНОНОВ)
Andrey MIRONOV (Андрей МИРОНОВ) ...le général
Svetlana SVETLICHNAYA (Светлана СВЕТЛИЧНАЯ) ...Milly Vimerford
Cinematography : Valery GINZBURG (Валерий ГИНЗБУРГ)
Production design : Igor BAKHMETYEV (Игорь БАХМЕТЬЕВ), Pyotr PASHKEVICH (Пётр ПАШКЕВИЧ)
Other persons :
Writing credits : Péter SZASZ, Mikhai AVERIN
Director : Péter SZASZ
Music : Szabolcs FENYES
Companies : Gorky Film Studio, Mafilm (Hungary)
Release Date in Russia : 1972

Plot synopsis
adventure comedy. 1919. tumultuous events are rocking russia and hungary. János perczel, a journalist and advisor on questions of education and culture in the hungarian soviet republic, travels to petrograd in order to recruit a flight instructor. his movements are closely watched by the officer of hungarian state security, Bence rocatelli. János meets the former pilot of the czar’s army, vladimir sevastianov, and convinces the now jobless man to help the young republic. the two men set off to Budapest, but their journey is full of dangers and funny adventures, as they have to make emergency landings in territories that are occupied first by the Whites and when they reach their destination they are clearly not aware that the soviet republic has fallen…

Selected in the following festivals :
- Open Russian Film Festival Kinotavr, Sochi (Russia), 2010