Russia, 2001, 77mn 
Black and white, documentary
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 La Colonie

Directed by : Sergey LOZNITSA (Сергей ЛОЗНИЦА)
Writing credits : Sergey LOZNITSA (Сергей ЛОЗНИЦА)
Cinematography : Pavel KOSTOMAROV (Павел КОСТОМАРОВ)
Other persons :
Musique : Julio COCHINI
Companies : St Petersburg Documentary Film Studio
format : 35 mm

DVD with subtitles
Editor : Potemkine. 2017. Titre : Sergueï Loznitsa - Documentaires

Plot synopsis
This movie is about a day in life of the settlement for people with mental problems. Located in a peaceful countryside, it conveys an image of a pure, happy place, where people live and work together, in complete harmony. But there is a growing unexplainable feeling of anxiety and hopelessness

Selected in the following festivals or events :
- Intégrale Sergueï Loznitsa au Centre Pompidou et carte blanche au réalisateur, Paris (France), 2020
- Sao Paulo International Film Festival, Sao Paulo (Brazil ), 2012
- Festival of Central and Eastern Film , Wiesbaden (Germany), 2012
- Trieste Film Festival, Trieste (Italy), 2011
- Month of the documentary in France, Different cities (France), 2010
- Mois du film documentaire au Centre Pompidou, Paris (France), 2010
- États généraux du film documentaire, Lussas (France), 2001