Konstantin BRONZIT
Константин БРОНЗИТ
Konstantin BRONZIT
Russia, 1995, 8mn 
Colour, Without Words, animation
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Directed by : Konstantin BRONZIT (Константин БРОНЗИТ)
Cinematography : Irina ERSHOVA (Ирина ЕРШОВА)
Production design : Konstantin BRONZIT (Константин БРОНЗИТ)
Music : Valentin VASENKOV (Валентин ВАСЕНКОВ)
Companies : Zis Production

Note :
Oh, if only the cat could get up the enthusiasm to do what’s natural for her species, namely, to catch mice! But this cat is good for nothing, just lies around languidly, too lazy to even lift a paw. The clever mouse invests more energy. It’s true she doesn’t show herself, but she manages to make everything revolve around her, even to make human and cat leave the house … Ralph Eue

Plot synopsis
No sign of peaceful coexistence: A lazy cat, a nervous human and a clever mouse who doesn’t show herself but still compels absolute attention.

Selected in the following festivals :
- International Leipzig Festival for documentary and animated film, Leipzig (Germany), 2020
- Soirées du cinéma russe de Bordeaux, Bordeaux (France), 2017
- Festival international de cinéma d'animation de Meknes : FICAM, Meknes (Morocco), 2011
- Russian Film Festival, Orléans (France), 2010