Франчиск МУНТЯНУ
USSR / Romania, 1970, 86mn 
Colour, fiction
Pesni morya
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Песни моря


 The Songs of the Sea

 Chants de la mer

Other titles : Cintecele marii
Directed by : Francisc MUNTEANU (Франчиск МУНТЯНУ)
Writing credits : Boris LASKIN (Борис ЛАСКИН), Francisc MUNTEANU (Франчиск МУНТЯНУ)
Natalia FATEYEVA (Наталья ФАТЕЕВА) ...Nina
Cinematography : Yolanda CHEN (Иоланда ЧЕН)
Music : Mark FRADKIN (Марк ФРАДКИН)
Other persons :
Music : : Temistocle POPA
Production Design : Giulio TINCU
Actors :
Companies : Mosfilm, Bucarest
Spectators : 36,7 millions of spectators
Release Date in Russia : 27/04/1971
Site : IMDb

Note :
"One pure peaceful sky, one bright southern sun, one warm Black sea and deep true friendship of burning hearts connect the Soviet and Romanian youth..." A musical ensemble of Romanian students dreams of being selected for a competition in Sochi, Russia. They hear rumors that a Russian ship with a festival talent scout will be arriving in the port of Constanta. The band sets up for a performance at the harbor, in hopes of attracting the scout’s attention immediately upon arrival. A case of mistaken identity leads to a series of complications involving a suitcase, two small-time gangsters, a blonde tourist, and the band’s drummer. This attempt at a plot conforms of course to the conventions of romantic musical comedies, resulting in a film full of song and dance. With memorable song titles like “Yes, I am an umbrella” and “Let’s play my guitar”, this Romanian-Soviet co-production is as silly as it is irresistible.

Plot synopsis
Roumanian students amateur group, having overcome various difficulties, managed to get admission to pop songs festival in Sochi and achieved success.

Selected in the following festivals :
- Tromso International Film Festival : TIFF, Tromso (Norway), 2018